The Benefits of using a Licensed Customs Broker

A licensed Customs Broker can turn something complex, like global shipping Customs, into something much more functional and easily understandable. They allow you the freedom to focus less on the complexities of shipping and more on growing your business.

Customs Brokers are experts at what they do. Their main function is to ensure compliance with laws and regulatory and statutory requirements on behalf of their clients. They have extensive knowledge of entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and the duty rates and related taxes and fees on imports. While there are many different types of goods and products shipped around the globe each day, each has various taxes, duties and excises which need to be paid or avoided, something a Customs Broker can do with ease. They know the business inside and out, global trade is complex and multifaceted, your broker will have experience in these complex areas and help to make operations not only more efficient, but more profitable, as well.

As global shipping continues to grow and evolve, industry regulations, restrictions and procedures will grow and evolve as well. A licensed Customs Broker will stay abreast of all of the moving parts of the Customs process including limiting your exposure to penalties and delays, saving the high costs of such incidents. In addition, Customs brokers can handle permit obtention, certification requirements and/or any licenses for your shipment process leaving executives to focus on the company as a whole.

Custom Broker Benefits:

  • Proper Good Classification — Proper tariff classification of goods is a critical element in the customs entry process.
  • Duty Assessment of Goods — When goods are properly assessed, the shipping process is much more efficient.
  • Risk Management – Our experts’ experience and extensive knowledge mitigates risk for your business.
  • Payments and Paperwork Completion — We complete all necessary transactions and regulatory forms on your behalf.
  • Liaison — We are a liaison between your business and all pertinent agencies.
  • Navigate Foreign Trade Zones — Each country has its own set of complex Customs rules and regulations, a licensed Customs Broker can navigate these with ease saving time and potential penalties for your business.